Bariatric Solutions

All solutions are based on their proven minibus and coach related products the Bariatric versions all benefit from uprated high tensile steel re-enforced sections, larger platforms, stretcher guards or bespoke handrails, custom operational controls. Uprated installation brackets also ensure our EMS range can cope with the increased operational stresses often encountered with emergency situations.

Bariatric Cassette Lift

Because of their consistent use, emergency vehicles require the strongest access lifts to ensure they meet strict safety and weight conditions. The PLS Bariatric Cassette Lift is designed precisely to meet these requirements providing a robust, stable and smooth lifting with increased working load.

Regarded as one of the strongest powered lifts on the market, it delivers a 500kg SWL and is the only model available in the world that can provide an extra-long platform giving ample room for paramedic and patient to travel together during a lifting or lowering procedure.

Bariatric Inboard Lift

The Bariatric Inboard Lift meets the high strength and durability requirements to be one of the strongest vehicle lifts available today.

It is designed with an extra large 1040mm width platform and a SWL of 500kg, so it can easily accommodate even the largest of stretchers.

Every part of the Bariatric Inboard Lift has been carefully considered, from the range of safety features to assist PTS operators and ensure moving and handling risks are minimised, to the parts manufactured using highly durable and robust materials.

Available as a split or single-piece platform manufactured from high-grade aluminium for added strength to support larger stretchers, the platform is large enough to carry the patient and operator for easy entry to the vehicle.

Wheelchair Winch

The PLS wheelchair winch is a compact, user-friendly winch designed to mechanically assist with the loading and unloading of a wheelchair and occupant onto a vehicle.

With a loading capacity of 500kg, the PLS Wheelchair Winch can pull up to a 12.5 degree slope thanks to its powerful motor unit which is fixed to the vehicle flooring which also houses the retractable belt. With universal karabiners it can easily attach to all models of wheelchair to provide controlled and smooth loading.

With extra security features including anti-roll-back sensors to stop any rear movement if winching is halted during the loading procedure or if over-load is sensed, it ensures safe use at all times for strain-free loading.


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Next Level Bariatric Equipment Engineering.

All PLS lifts are designed and manufactured to the highest engineering standards. Our Bariatric lifts are ‘next level’ having a standard SWL of 500Kgs, with several designed to meet even higher safety requirements when needed. The PLS Bariatric Lifts meet strict conditions and are used on high-profile emergency vehicles all over the world.

From military ambulances, to Canadian EMS vehicles, and even extreme mountain rescue tracked vehicles, over the years, we have provided everything imaginable to meet accessibility requirements. The PLS Bariatric range is the broadest and the best of any lift manufacturer. With PLS you are in safe hands.

Not just lifts

Did you know that it’s not just our lifts that can benefit from our additional engineering. We also offer a range of ramps and steps that have been built with upgraded brackets and additional support legs so that you can make your vehicle bariatric capable.

Need it bespoke?

Our PLS Engineering department are always available to help make your product exactly as you need it to be, from adding additional lighting, changing sizes to fit your vehicle and even fitting it for you.

Engineered to Last

We understand that a bariatric lift is put into some of the most demanding of environments, and expected to work time and time again. Our bariatric solutions are designed with additional reinforcing brackets, upgraded bearings and simple maintenance guides to keep your product working every time its needed.