Easy Access Lift from Passenger Lift Solutions

The PLS Easy Access Lift is the UK’s number one heavy-duty inboard lift and is widely used by the patient transfer service as it is safe, robust, and powerful.

Regarded as the strongest, and most reliable on the market, this inboard lift provides safe accessibility for able-bodied, mobility-restricted, and wheelchair users.

Suitable for rear or side door installation, and made from advanced high-strength steel, with many components manufactured in aluminium, it is a flexible, durable, and stable solution for vehicle access.

No detail has been overlooked. With a lifting capacity of up to 500kg, every Easy Access Lift includes a self-levelling bridging plate that provides smooth transfers from the platform to the vehicle. There is also the option of a spilt or solid platform making it suitable for your specific requirements to ensure it fits perfectly in the vehicle.

Platform Flexibility

Flexibility is a key feature of the PLS Easy Access Lift. With the longest platform available on the market today, it has been innovatively engineered with an impressive 400kg Safe Working Load (500Kgs upgrade available on all PLS lifts) and folds to a vertical position within the rear or side of a vehicle when stowed.  

With a split platform or single-piece design, the aluminium surface plate and non-slip covering provide extra strength and safety to support those boarding the vehicle or when loading cargo. A self-levelling, two section stainless steel alloy stop is also featured as standard and has been designed to work perfectly, even on irregular terrain, to ensure safe contact when deployed.

Quality by Design

Our team of designers carefully consider every single part of an access lift to ensure it is safe, reliable and manufactured to the highest quality. Easy Access is constructed with stainless steel giving it structural integrity, corrosion resistance and highly desirable mechanical properties. 

As the name suggests, Easy Access has been designed to make boarding the vehicle a breeze and is the only model that will accommodate the latest large bariatric stretchers. The extra wide version even provides ample room on the platform for operator and patient. 

Strong Handrails

Our automatic dual handrail system is constructed from high-tensile thick wall steel and then powder coated and rubber dipped to add a strong and durable finish. Measuring 760mm long with an impressive 300mm of high flat hand-holding (the Bariatric handrail is 420mm) the handrails ensure safety and assistance when using the lift and mechanically fold away when the lift is not in use.

Compact Drive System

Easy Access uses a powerful and controlled hydraulic system that allows the lift to be deployed and stowed away with ease. For extra safety assurance, it includes a manual over-ride so it can be operated with a simple hand pump feature. The PLS Easy Access is the only inboard lift to feature a secondary Down valve lock to ensure the hydraulics do not creep.

Easy Installation

The name ‘Easy Access’ follows through in its installation and maintenance. Thanks to its innovative design and quality UK-manufactured parts, Easy Access is simple to install, operate and maintain. If you require assistance with installation, PLS has certified engineers nationwide who can help.

  • Strong aluminium platform cover
  • Stainless steel outer roll-off-ramp sections, ground pads and fastenings to increase strength and durability.
  • 400kg as standard (500kg optional)
  • Spilt or solid platform option suitable for side or rear access
  • Includes a 3 button pendent control with a STOW button for the safety of the passenger when boarding.
  • Secure anti-twist platform lock
  • Double ‘down value’ lock, eliminates hydraulic creep
  • Self-levelling bridging plate with a strong mechanical stop mechanism fully supporting the bridging-plate until it needs to deploy
  • Standard PLS parts are easily available
  • Robust base construction to stop distortion when fitting
  • In base access panels to allow access to hydraulic fittings.
  • Operated through a hydraulic mechanical system.
  • Inclusion of IVA ‘fast’ manual override to deploy the lift in one operation
  • Power pack features an anti-creep valve
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Complies with PSVAR requirements
  • Bridge-plate width: 800mm or 900mm internal (usable)
  • Platform width: 815mm or 915mm internal
  • Platform length:1300mm, 1450, 1480 & 1600mm available
  • Weight of lift: 165Kgs
  • Working pressure:90-150 Bar
  • Max amp draw at pump:45amps
  • LED platform lights
  • IVA stowage switch
  • EA Doorsafe
  • Remote hydraulic power pack installation
  • Remote control  
  • Infrared beam, threshold warning device
  • 915 x 1600 bariatric platform version available designed for PTS and Ambulance vehicles
  • Flashing LED side lights
  • Extending handrails
  • SWL and CE certificates issued
  • LOLER Installation Compliance
  • Fully PSVAR, DDA, COIF, BSEN 1756-2:2004 + A1:2009, EEC 2001/85 and IVA 2009 compliant
  • Meets ECWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval)
  • ISO9001 accredited process control
  • Dead man button control
  • Platform roll-off barriers
  • Main power isolation
  • Driver isolation switch
  • Hydraulic hoses rated x 4
  • Stow Warning Switch (for IVA regulation)

Need a spare part?

Sometimes things need replacing. Dropped the handset or keeping your 10 year old lift as fresh as the day it was delivered? We have every part down to the last nut, bolt and washer available, head over to our online store or contact us today.