Taxis and Private Hire

Taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs) are one of the most popular modes of transport for disabled people and are a crucially important part of local transport provision. At present, 58% of taxis are wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs). It is important,therefore, that vehicles are fully accessible and ready for passenger use. PLS has a number of products to make vehicles accessible to all, including ramps and steps from our representative Acdeos and the compact PLS Easy Access inboard lift designed for wheelchair accessible taxis


Acdeos design and manufacture the VERSA range of vehicle steps. Tested for strength and durability, VERSA™ includes four different options. The VERSA™ SL is mounted below the middle sliding door and is specially designed for harsh weather. With its strong and durable construction and open aluminium platform design, it gives the perfect anti slip surface.

The durable VERSA™ AXS FX is a fixed side step that features a weatherproof, non-slip and hard-wearing surface with a loading capacity of 150 kg. If you are looking for an electric automatic step VERSA™ AXS FL is the ideal option. Deployed when the door is open, its sliding mechanism ensures dirt is kept away from critical parts to ensure longevity.

Finally, VERSA™ SLC 1000 is a compact swing out step. Due to its innovative design it fits perfectly underneath the vehicle when space is limited. Thanks to its small dimensions and lightweight materials it is ideal for today’s new electric vehicles.


The FL Ramp from Acdeos is ideal for WAVs. Made from lightweight aluminium, this hand-operated folding ramp is available in three lengths and widths to fit perfectly in your vehicle. The unique platform features a perforated design to allow water to drain away, and snow and dirt to fall through the gaps. This makes its non-slip surface user-friendly all in weathers!

Easy Access Lift

Inboard passenger lifts are a popular option as they are extremely flexible and are suitable for rear or side door installation. We have adapted the PLS Easy Access lift to make it perfect for wheelchair accessible taxis. Measuring just 1300 x 815mm, and with a SWL of 400kg, Easy Access is available as a spilt or solid platform so it is suitable for your specific requirements.

When folded and stowed vertically, the lift still provides rear or side visibility due to its steel mesh platform. This compact yet versatile passenger lift is extremely easy to install and operate making it a good choice for taxis and PHVs. 


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Community Transport

Community Transport (CT) is an essential service that helps individuals across the UK to remain independent. Thanks to this essential non-profit service, tens of thousands of people, often older people or people with disabilities, can remain independent.

At PLS, we understand just how important CT is and ensure our products meet the demands required by this sector so everyone can access the vehicle, whether a minibus or a car, so that all passengers can get to their destination safely.

Our products are verified and tested to ensure they meet the rigours of regular daily use. PLS products are designed and engineered to meet heavy-duty cycles, including the CT market and private vehicle sector, where over fifty day-to-day operations are not uncommon.

With over 30 years, PLS not only has a vast amount of experience under its belt, but we also have designers, product developers, engineers, and manufacturers who make products that function well and stand the test of time.

Is Your Vehicle Electric?

We have access solutions designed using advanced lightweight materials to meet the requirements for the growing EV market.

Something Special

Add LED lighting to the edge of your step to increase safety to your passengers day or night

Reliability at heart

Most durable products available ensuring your taxi is always working. With a dedicated support team, PLS Assist, available 24/7 and a network of trained service and repair partners we are committed to making sure your product is never out of action.