Accessible Minibus

PLS is the world’s number one choice for those looking to make their minibuses accessible to all. We deliver the widest range of underfloor and inboard access lift options to suit all your specific accessibility requirements.

Our products are designed to deliver the highest level of safety and reliability. They are pre-configured with several features to meet worldwide standards including IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) and EWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval) for a simple and fully compliant installation.

The Access ECO cassette lift is the latest version of our flagship accessible minibus product, which has been in production for over 30 years. During this time, the product has been reimagined and evolved to be the innovative product you see today. Our latest engineering changes include incorporating a strong lifting capacity of up to 500Kg while reducing the overall product weight to just 150Kg.

Vehicle lifts for minibuses do not have to be under the floor. The PLS Easy Access is fitted to the rear or side door of the vehicle, inside the saloon of the minibus, keeping it safe from the elements. This makes it easier to keep clean and with just one button to bring the lift out ready for use, it is simple to operate.

By adding a powered step to the side or rear of your minibus doorway you can provide passengers with a strong and safe way to enter the vehicle when the original step isn’t low enough.

Our non-slip aluminium step can be retrofitted easily to a new or older vehicle and can take a load of 250Kg making it extremely strong and durable.


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Is your minibus fleet wheelchair accessible?

Delivering a transport service to the public means you need to provide equipment to load and unload any passenger at any destination. Transport for school, rail replacement services or the airport run means your minibus has to be unlimited and all-encompassing in its use.

Having the means to meet all contract requirements is important. Therefore, your vehicle must have the accessibility capacity needed to get the best return on your vehicle investment.

A lift doesn’t need to be just be for a wheelchair user. Did you know that 75% of passengers using accessible vehicles have reduced mobility? Whether it’s an additional step to make accessing the vehicle that little bit easier or a wheelchair lift to help people with walking aids into their seats Passenger Lift Solutions has a range of products and services to meet your requirements.

Leading the way in aftermarket support!

Keeping your vehicle on the road and operational is important to us all. Because Passenger Lift Solutions source 85% of all parts within a 20 mile radius of its UK factory and use an unrivalled UK Support Network we can get spare parts to you within 24 hours.

Safety as Priority

At PLS we have designed several items to upgrade your lift and enhance safety even further. Stop-Safe™ Passenger lift barrier has been a popular addition since it was created in 2010 and is fitted on hundreds of access lifts used across the UK.

1.3 Billion cycles and counting

30 years and a lot of cycles is a lot of data for our research and development department. This rich data pool allows up to grow, adapt and enhance the product with continual evolution.