Front Entrance

GNX from Passenger Lift Solutions

The GNX-Access Coach Lift is a unique, fully automatic passenger lift located at the front entrance. Manufactured in the UK, it is one of the largest, lightest, and most durable access lifts on the market and makes loading wheelchairs onto a coach quick and easy. Thanks to its innovative, streamlined design, GNX-Access is stowed away in a concealed cassette compartment within the coach riser step to effectively utilise the vehicle’s space. Using innovative materials and manufacturing techniques, the lift is lightweight yet strong with an SWL of 400kg and a large platform, allowing both passenger and attendant to use the lift.

Innovative Design for Easy Access

GNX-Access is specifically designed to ensure passengers can gain entry to coaches and executive vehicles with ease. The automatic telescopic platform is deployed at the touch of a button with the extra-long handrails mechanically opening to reveal the non-slip platform with a roll-off stop to safeguard passengers when in operation. In addition, a precision-designed bridging plate folds out from the lift so wheelchairs can quickly and safely transfer from the deck level onto the access lift.

Long Term Reliability

With a Safe Working Load of 400kg, and an impressive platform size of 825mm x 1740mm GNX-Access has the strength and durability to provide safe vehicle access and is backed up by a comprehensive 5 year warranty and a comprehensive PLS Assist after-sales service.

Designed for Users

GNX-Access is supplied with extra-long handrails designed with users in mind to aid passenger stability when entering and exiting the vehicle. A high-performance slip-resistant surface provides safety and durability when in use.

PSVAR Compliant

GNX-Access ticks all the boxes when it comes to making your vehicle PSVAR compliant. Meeting strict standards including LOLER, SWL and CE certification, you can feel safe in the knowledge that every passenger lift is of the highest quality.

New or Retro-Fit

Whether installing to a new vehicle or using our retrofit service to fit to an older coach, PLS can quickly and efficiently fit the GNX-Access front entrance cassette lift to meet specific requirements.

  • Lift type: Internal or external underfloor
  • Voltage: 24Volts standard (12Volts available)
  • Power system: Electro-hydraulic pump.
  • Hydraulic fluid type: PLS Blue (specific formulation)
  • Control: Pendant via wanderlead or Radio control
  • Stowage box size: 1945mm x 1000mm x 175mm
  • Bridge-plate width: 760mm (usable)
  • Platform width: 825mm
  • Platform length: 1740mm
  • Weight of lift (inc pump module): 305Kgs
  • Lifting capacity: 300Kg (350Kg upgrade)
  • Working pressure: 190 Bar MAX
  • Max amp draw at pump: 45 amps
  • Extending handrails
  • Remote control
  • Higher SWL rating
  • LED’s platform lights
  • Warning sounder
  • Stop-Safe™ Passenger lift barrier
  • DoorSafe automatic barrier
  • Cycle counter
  • Satellite powerpack
  • SWL and CE certificates issued
  • LOLER Installation Compliance
  • Fully PSVAR, DDA, COIF, BSEN 1756-2:2004 + A1:2009, EEC 2001/85 and IVA 2009 compliant
  • Meets ECWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval)
  • ISO9001 accredited process control
  • Dead man button control
  • Platform roll-off barrier (ramp)
  • Bridging plate
  • Main power isolation switch and/or driver isolation switch
  • Hose valves fitted inside cylinder body
  • Hydraulic hoses rated x 4
  • Stow position warning light

Need a spare part?

Sometimes things need replacing. Dropped the handset or keeping your 10 year old lift as fresh as the day it was delivered? We have every part down to the last nut, bolt and washer available, head over to our online store or contact us today.