Emergency Vehicles

Access solutions designed and engineered with safety and quality at their core are critical for emergency vehicles. Whether moving a passenger securely into an ambulance, transporting a less-abled prisoner in a vehicle, or adding a ramp to a police van or fire vehicle, PLS has the experience and skills to assist.

We have an extensive range of specially created emergency vehicle access lifts, ramps, and step solutions which can be manufactured to specific requirements. These can be retrofitted to an existing vehicle or added to a new model. Either way you can feel safe in the knowledge that we have a strong, safe and dependable solution that is backed up by an extensive warranty and after-sales support.

Bariatric Lift

Because of their consistent use, emergency vehicles require the strongest access lifts to ensure they meet strict safety and weight conditions. Regarded as one of the most robust powered lifts on the market, the PLS Bariatric Cassette Lift is designed precisely to meet these requirements and delivers a 500kg SWL. It is also the only model available in the world that can provide an extra-long  and wide platform giving ample room for paramedic and patient to travel together during a lifting or lowering procedure. With a cassette and inboard option, the PLS powered platform is designed for a wide range of emergency vehicles.

Stretcher Lift

The PLS Stretcher Lift is a practical and highly robust lift designed specifically for an emergency trolley or gurney. The extended platform ensures patient safety, with ambulance personnel also able to travel on the lift when in operation. Thanks to cutting-edge engineering, the extended platform has been manufactured for high use and remains completely stable all all times while in use. Additional features include soft-grip handrails, roll-off stops, and non-slip surfaces, all adding to its safe operation. With a cassette and inboard option, the lift is manufactured from high-quality components and an innovative electrical system for smooth operation.

Bespoke Emergency Vehicles

Although we have an extensive range of access lifts, ramps, and steps created specifically for emergency vehicles, sometimes we are asked to design and manufacture a unique solution. Our skilled team created a lift for a tracked emergency snow plough ambulance for the Blue Mountains in Australia. To transport patients in the harshest weather conditions the access lift had to work safely in the challenging environment. Using innovative materials and design solutions, PLS was able to install a safe, robust, and reliable lift


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We love a challenge and approach every project individually to ensure it works for your specific requirements. With over 30 years in the business and a team of highly skilled designers and engineers, PLS can overcome any barrier to find an access solution that works for your emergency vehicle.

Because we design and manufacture everything in-house we can control the quality to ensure it lives up to the high specifications and standards required in the emergency sector. With a comprehensive UK-based parts store and after-sales service and warranty cover, we are ready to assist you promptly.

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Every part of an emergency vehicle must work safely at all times. Our after-sales support, PLS Assist will ensure your products continue to function as intended at all times.

Built to last in all conditions

Snow, what snow?

We go to the Extreme!

Every part of an emergency vehicle must work safely at all times. Emergency vehicle lifts from PLS have been tested in temperatures of -45c in Canada, and in the over +40c in the Australian outback.