Electric Vehicles

The Electric Vehicle (EV) market is growing quickly with the UK’s commitment to net zero emissions fast approaching. Buses, coaches, and minibuses play a vital role in reducing emissions with operators working towards the Government’s ‘Road to Zero’ strategy to transition to zero-emission road transport by 2050.

With the growing focus on improving carbon emissions and air quality, more and more transport companies are demonstrating their commitment to a greener future with zero-emission vehicles and this calls for solutions to ensure they are accessible to all.

As the leading manufacturer of passenger lifts and vehicle access solutions, we have carefully designed and manufactured products that address weight and range considerations to ensure they can be fitted in all electric vehicles.

Access ECO

PLS accessEco, is one of the lightest cassette lifts available on the market. Made from advanced high-strength steel, with many components manufactured in aluminium, accessEco is both strong and stable, but light enough for electric vehicles to help increase its range and efficiency.

Designed for M2 and M3 vehicles, PLS accessEco is up to 20 kg lighter than our other cassette lifts, and yet still a highly a robust and stable loading platform. Its innovative design includes a brushless motor which is 80% more energy efficient than its predecessors.

The FL Ramp

Made from aluminum with a unique profile platform, the FL Ramp is strong and durable, yet lightweight making it the ideal access solution for electric minibuses and minivans. 

Compact and easy to store, this folding hand-operated ramp helps the user to load and unload wheelchairs into the vehicle and with an auto lock mechanism it is simple to operate.


VERSA™ is a strong, non-slip step made from aluminium making it lightweight yet durable for use on everything from an electric minibuses, to an all-electric RVs.

Thanks to its clever design and build, it can help to reduce the vehicle weight, to increase both its range and performance.

Fully supported by PLS in the UK market, the VERSA™ Access Step is a stable and secure entrance solution for regular use.


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Are you Ready for Net-Zero? We Are!

Working within the range of restrictions imposed by zero-emission vehicles, we have the skill, innovation and design and manufacturing capability to ensure your electric vehicle can meet accessibility and PSVAR requirements while still retaining full seating capacity.

Contact us now to find out how we can successfully enable your electric vehicle to be fully accessible.

To reach net-zero, all vehicles must be fossil fuel free by 2050. For passenger vehicles and vans, this will mean accelerating the uptake of EVs from around 400,000 today (including battery electric and plug-in hybrid models; 1% of all UK vehicles) to 23.2million by 2032 (55% of all vehicles), and by 2050 possibly up to 49.0 million (100%)* With 17.8%* of the UK population classified as physically disabled, ensuring vehicles are accessible to all is critical.

PLS is ready to assist with a number of options to make your electric vehicle accessible and equipped to transport all passengers.

Sustainable Solutions

To ensure our products are environmentally responsible, PLS uses sustainable plastics and innovative materials to make them eco-friendly as well as highly robust. Our green credentials go even further with the advanced hydraulic power system used on the accessEco lift which is designed to reduce energy requirement by up to 80%. Majority of our products are shipped using recyclable packaging materials too!

Saving your battery

Our latest ECO Brushless powerpacks are designed to save as much battery power as possible

Saving vital battery power

All PLS lifts have ECO powerpack options to ensure the lowest possible power consumption, by using cutting edge brushless motors and unique motor controllers.