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Introducing the Enhanced EA Lift

Passenger Lift Solutions has taken accessibility to new heights with the innovative EA Lift™ featuring cutting-edge upgrades that dramatically enhance usability, installation, maintenance, and provide weight saving benefits. This revolutionary inboard lift represents the future of inclusive transportation.

Modular Design for Streamlined Installation

The core of the PLS EA Lift™ rests in its modular design. This innovative approach not only simplifies installation but also streamlines maintenance, making it exceptionally efficient. Imagine reducing downtime and minimising service costs, all thanks to our thoughtful engineering. With modular components, you can have full confidence that the EA Lift™ consistently delivers optimal performance.

Punched Steel Mesh Surface

One of the most innovative features of the new EA Lift™ is the addition of a punched steel mesh platform surface. This advanced surface technology reduces the overall weight of the lift, while remarkably preserving its strength and load-bearing capabilities. The high-traction steel mesh ensures a dependable, non-slip surface for passengers. Furthermore, the open mesh design enables effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Unparalleled Safety and Stability

PLS has completely redesigned the lift’s outer barrier mechanism, incorporating longer and wider levers in place of the previous large rollers. These state-of-the-art levers bring elevated dependability and rigidity to the mechanism, guaranteeing ultra-secure locking of the outer barrier when raised. This ensures smooth operation regardless of the ground conditions. Operators can have total confidence in this revolutionary outer barrier technology.

Fully Inclusive Design

Three Platform Options

When it comes to platform options, the PLS EA Lift™ offers unparalleled versatility. Choose from three distinct configurations – EA-V (vertical split), EA-H (horizontal split), and EV-S (solid). Each platform is engineered to deliver optimal stability, ensuring a smooth and secure ride for passengers of all needs. Whether you prioritise flexibility, accessibility, or durability, the PLS EA Lift™ delivers all.

Slimline Pump Module/Powerpack

The EA Lift™ implements a redesigned modular construction that allows for incredibly quick and straightforward installation. The separate pump module and powerpack have been engineered with an ultra-slim profile that seamlessly integrates alongside the lift. This ingenious space-saving design maximizes interior vehicle capacity without compromising performance.

Innovative Design & Manufacturing

These cutting-edge upgrades demonstrate PLS’s dedication to shaping the future of accessible transportation through innovative design and advanced manufacturing. Discover how the EA Lift™ improved modularity, robust platform, and secure outer barrier can provide safe, reliable access for your vehicle and passengers. Contact our sales team at +44 (0)121 552 0660 to learn more about how this innovative lift can meet your transportation needs.

Technical Details

The solid platform option has a useable platform size of 1480mm long and 805mm wide. Weighing just 155kg and a lifting capacity of up to 500Kg, the overall lift side is 1195mm wide and requires a vehicle clear opening height of 1595mm. Overall depth of 383mm.

Folding and Split platform options available.

Increased Stability with Rigidity Braces

Enhancing overall comfort and safety is our priority. That’s why we’ve introduced additional rigidity braces beneath the platform. These discreet yet essential components maintain the platform’s shape and stability, even under varying load conditions. The result? A lifting experience that remains stable, secure, and dependable, no matter what your journey entails.


Our soft-touch foam-lined handrail boasts a hardwearing, high-grip coating that maintains a comfortable temperature and prevents water absorption. With a textured surface that shields the foam from the air, we ensure minimal bacterial and fungal growth despite repeated user contact.

LED Lighting

Achieve exceptional visibility with EA Lift™ LED lighting. Our ultra-bright LEDs are available in red, white, yellow, or blue, allowing you to tailor your lift’s appearance for maximum safety. Unlike standard low-level platform lighting, our LEDs provide a high-level, flashing illumination that ensures optimal visibility enhancing loading safety even in low-light conditions.

Threshold Plates

EA Lift™ threshold plates redefine convenience and quiet operation. Crafted from oil-impregnated acetal, our bridging plate effortlessly glides over the lift’s threshold, eliminating scratches and noise. Notably, the removable threshold plate facilitates quick access to hydraulic hoses and electrical components underneath, streamlining maintenance. Furthermore, it accommodates additional wires for accessories like work lights, securely channelling them between the lift towers for optimal safety and functionality.

Modular Pump

Our modular pump is designed for flexibility and serviceability. It can be easily removed and relocated, ensuring adaptability for various vehicle configurations. Accessible fuses on the powerpack simplify maintenance, while the illuminated green power LED serves as a clear indicator of operational status. EA Lift™ offers a configurable buzzer with 16 tones and volume control to cater to diverse sensory needs, from alerting all users during deployment to providing quieter options for sensitive environments.


EA Lift™ sets a new standard with ‘sealed for life’ hydraulic cylinders that eliminate air-related maintenance headaches. These reliable cylinders feature fewer moving seals, reducing wear and potential leaks over time. Quick-release electrical terminals facilitate easy testing and pump swapping, making maintenance simple.


Our innovative design ensures a smooth and hassle-free installation process. Deploy and fold guides with nylon rollers guarantee a controlled lift operation, with no need to remove panels or fixtures. We’ve optimised the vehicle bolting hole pattern for enhanced flexibility during installation, allowing you to avoid critical components beneath the vehicle floor. Plus, removable panels and guards, along with quick-release screws on the pump cover, simplify access when needed.


EA Lift™ prioritises serviceability to keep your lift running smoothly. A large-capacity hydraulic tank extends the lifespan of hydraulic oil, reducing the frequency of oil changes and minimising the risk of contamination. Our thoughtful design enables the effortless removal of tower spines during maintenance, providing convenient access to hydraulic fittings, electrical connections, and switches without the need to disassemble bulky components. This ease of access also facilitates thorough inspections of critical load points, ensuring the ongoing safety and reliability of your lift.

Many Options

Customise your EA Lift™ with a range of options to suit your needs. Choose from cycle counters, buzzers, and eco-friendly powerpacks to enhance functionality. Explore handrail cover colour options to match your aesthetics. Our paper and metal drilling templates ensure precise hole placement for a seamless fit. Additionally, our lifts are door opener-ready, compatible with motor units for convenient door control. For added convenience and reduced shipping volume, inquire about our self-assembly options for partially assembled lifts.