Bespoke Products

We like a challenge! Over the years, we have been required to make unique lifts for either one-off applications or small specialist vehicle batches. Using our decades of experience and modular lift section design PLS can design, create, modify and customise any combination imaginable, whilst maintaining the highest engineering standards and quality finish.

High-floor medical vehicles are a specialty where we can mine into our coach lift range and upgrade with Bariatric components to provide EMS level equipment with the ground to floor requirements of a coach.

After being contacted by BMW UK to assist their Special Vehicles Team in making a new lift design for a charity based on a narrow boat, we rose to the challenge. The eventual lift was to be kept outside on deck, so it had to be 100% stainless steel, have three fully accessible sides, and be sunk into the top deck. Giving lower deck boat access to wheelchair passengers who have never travelled on canal boats before, made all the hard work worthwhile.

With our high-deck coach lifts and Quad-ram technology, PLS makes some of the largest platforms with the longest reaching arms of any cassette-based lift, in the world. In addition, the increased stability of Quad-ram technology enables medical platforms to be custom sized to a specific requirement while maintaining excellent stability. This is an important feature for medical lifts where staff have to travel with the passenger on the lift.

If you were designing a one-off six-wheel drive monster truck mobile animal surgery unit, where else would you go to make the vehicle accessible apart from PLS? The truck spends months deep in the Indian countryside, where workshops and facilities are scarce. Therefore, the lift was designed to be strong and simple to use.

This is probably the most extreme cassette lift fitted on the planet. When Amtek, a specialist vehicle manufacturer based in Sydney, needed a one-off rescue ambulance for the Blue Mountain ski resort in Australia, they turned to PLS to provide an ultra-durable low-maintenance stretcher lift. Special paint, self-lubricating parts, and simple manual operation enabled us to provide a one-off specialist lift that exemplifies what PLS can achieve.


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