A No Fuss Warranty that Fits with you

At Passenger Lift Solutions, we design and test all our products to endure the harshest conditions. However, occasionally something might go wrong, so we are committed to providing a best-in-class warranty for your products. With just two categories, we aim to make it as simple as possible regardless of the product. If your vehicle is an M1 or M2 category – like a minibus – there is an automatic full 3 year warranty valid from the date it ships from our factory. If your vehicle is an M3 – such as a coach – we offer the same warranty for 5 years. We even include an extra few months free, so you’ve still covered while everything is being built and delivered to you.

Our engineers will travel to you, and we will ship whatever parts may be needed directly to you too. Our dedicated team is available to ensure you get full support and fix it as soon as possible. A 24/7 phone line dedicated to product support means we will do our best to get you back on the road no matter what time of the day. Our commitment to next-day shipping on 95% of parts means we always have spares ready.

Questions about our warranty?

Can I service my own lift?

Yes. Routine maintenance such as cleaning and daily/weekly/monthly inspections can be carried out by the operating company which are detailed in the product manuals. For more involved services which includes removing/replacing parts. Passenger Lift Solutions require anyone performing service and repairs to its products to hold relevant training. This may also be applicable for any statutory or legal service and inspection requirements for the country the product is being operated in.

How do I contact my nearest service partner?

Contact PLSAssist on +44 (0)121 552 0660 or email [email protected] for details of where to find your nearest trained service partner or check our website for an interactive map.

I live in the UK, does my lift need to be serviced?

Products operated in the UK used as passenger carrying equipment are covered by the Lifting Operations & Lifting Regulations Act 1998 “LOLER”. This states that the lift operating company or duty holder has a responsibility to ensure that at regular SIX monthly intervals, the product is inspected, serviced and weight tested by a competent person. Similar laws and governance apply across the globe to ensure that passenger safety is maintained to the highest standard.

Can I top up the oil with any hydraulic oil?

No. Passenger Lift Solutions has designed its products to work with a specific grade of hydraulic oil and have a formulation to provide internal lubrication and work in all temperature extremes.. Using alternative mixes of oil could cause the lift to work incorrectly (i.e. at different speeds, leak oil, or damage internal components). PLS can provide the specified  oil in either 1L or 5L bottles to top up the oil should it be needed.

When does my warranty expire?

Depending on the product, our warranty runs for 3 or 5 years from the date the product was built (don’t worry there are a few extra months added on free for delivery and fitting times). The serial number sticker on the lift will show the date of production. If you need any help, please call us on +44(0)121 552 0660 and we will be happy to check this for you.

Can I use my own parts and make repairs myself?

Safety is our number one priority, and we cannot guarantee this if non-standard (non-OEM) parts are used. Whilst many components look the same, each item of your product has been carefully selected, designed and sourced with full component traceability to be sure it meets our standards. Using non-OEM components could be unsafe and may invalidate any product warranty.

My lift is behaving strangely, what can I do?

Give PLSAssist a call on +44(0)121 552 0660 and we will be able to talk you through some simple diagnosis steps to understand the issue. The majority of problems can be resolved over the phone or with some simple inspection steps that can be completed by you.

How do I become a PLS Assist registered partner?

Passenger Lift Solutions offer several training options for general service and repair work, which may allow you to complete warranty work either for yourself or others. Let us know if you want to discuss these options.