MEGA Lift from Passenger Lift Solutions

The UK’s first purpose-made coach lift was launched by PLS in 1997 and was an instant success. Combining the PLS Access lift’s renowned reliability with high-floor stability and the highest all-sides guarded platform, the PLS Mega lift has been the industry benchmark for over 25 years. Now into its fifth design generation, todays PLS Mega lift utilises high tensile steel construction and ECO designed powerpack and motors to provide the lowest power and consumption and pressure usage in its class. With a fully flexible installation system, the PLS Mega lift has been fitted to every major coach design to make coaches accessible to all in the last quarter of a century. If there is space for a lift, the PLS Mega lift can be fitted.

The Mega lift range can be adapted to be installed anywhere on a coach from top, middle and bottom of lockers, to in-front or behind each axel. There will be a version of the PLS Mega lift to suit all applications. The most common is to install the lift directly on the bottom of the locker (first or second locker) to retain as much usable luggage space over the lift as possible (false floors are built over the lift to handle luggage). An access panel is cut into the locker side door to allow the lift to operate without having to open the entire locker door.

Safest Platform

The PLS Mega lift has the largest usable platform of any coach lift available in the market today. With two standard widths 825 / 925mm, and several lengths 1450 up to 2000mm, all platforms are fully guarded to meet and exceed with BSi standards. Platform sides are 80mm high ensuring passenger and operator safety and feature full side guards which are incorporated into the handrails. These provide piece of mind for the passenger and help to keep wheelchair foot plates away from the platform sides. The PLS Mega lift has the most stable platform of any cassette lift due to its ‘locked out’ lifting cylinders. Unique to PLS, we design and build your lift to your vehicle and the floor height is set during lift production. This enables a ‘full pressure’ locked out platform with zero movement side to side or front to back. This ultimate platform stability provides passengers with confidence whilst using the lift at any height

Aftersales Support

The PLS Mega lift has been in constant production since 1997, with thousands sold worldwide. Although the lift has been subject to several design upgrades and constant evolution, part of our design ethos is to ensure continuity of parts and components. All standard Mega lift parts are held in stock and can be supplied next day if ordered before 2pm on any working day.

Simple Manual Backup

Easy to manually override without needing for any specialist tools, the lift can be pulled in and out of the cassette easily without having to use tools or the need to unscrew locks etc. Once power is restored, the drive automatically engages again without having to re-engage the drive. The up and down platform movement is simply operated from the lift hydraulic powered with the handpump handle (which is provided with each lift). The lift easily ‘pumps’ up and the down facility works by turning the lock-tap open (using the slotted end of the pumping handle).

Easy Upgrades

All PLS Mega lifts are manufactured with the option to upgrade when manufactured in our UK facility. This makes adding ‘extra’ features simple and easy to achieve once the lift is in service. All platforms have the brackets for the Stop Safe door barrier built inside, plus simple ‘knock-outs’ are located into the end of each platform aluminium to slot it in easily. Handrail extensions and seat-belt locks are moulded into each handrail, leading to multiple custom options being made available.

More as Standard

Due to the additional considerations of working at the increased heights of coaches the PLS Mega lifts all feature warning LEDs and sounders/buzzers as standard, plus an additional safety cable lock (for side mounted lifts). All electrical elements are ‘plug and play’ so can be changed in the field easily ensuring your coach is back on the road with minimum VOR time.

  • Most flexible installation range in class
  • All sides of platform fully guarded, for ultimate passenger protection
  • UK service and parts support (all parts made in the UK)
  • Largest lift platforms of any coach lift
  • Highest and longest handrails of any coach lift
  • Highest SWL in class at 500Kgs (available on request)
  • Stop-safe ready from factory
  • Lift type: Underfloor cassette
  • Voltage: 24Volts standard
  • Power system: Electro-hydraulic pump.
  • Hydraulic fluid type: PLS Blue (specific formulation)
  • Control: Pendant via wanderlead
  • Bridge-plate width: 860mm min (usable)
  • Platform width: 825mm
  • Platform length: 1450mmmm
  • Weight of lift (inc pump module): 265Kgs
  • Working pressure: 170 Bar MAX
  • Max amp draw at pump: 40 amps max
  • Pump Motor: 500W
  • Extending handrails
  • Remote control
  • Higher SWL rating
  • LED’s platform lights
  • Warning sounder
  • Stop-Safe™ Passenger lift barrier
  • DoorSafe automatic barrier
  • Cycle counter
  • Satellite powerpack
  • SWL and CE certificates issued
  • LOLER Installation Compliance
  • Fully PSVAR, DDA, COIF, BSEN 1756-2:2004 + A1:2009, EEC 2001/85 and IVA 2009 compliant
  • Meets ECWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval)
  • ISO9001 accredited process control
  • Dead man button control
  • Platform roll-off barrier (ramp)
  • Bridging plate
  • Main power isolation switch and/or driver isolation switch
  • Hose burst valves fitted inside cylinder body
  • Hydraulic hoses rated x 4 pressure rated
  • Stow position warning switch
  • Warning sounder/buzzer (custom 2 tone)
  • Flashing LED side light pods

Need a spare part?

Sometimes things need replacing. Dropped the handset or keeping your 10 year old lift as fresh as the day it was delivered? We have every part down to the last nut, bolt and washer available, head over to our online store or contact us today.