Coach Lift Solutions

Our coach lifts include the front entrance GNX, the MEGA mid and bottom locker, and the rear mounted EQM Ski Locker lifts.  Our coach lifts are fully PSVAR, DDA, COIF, SVTA and BS EN 1756-2:2004 + A1:2009 compliant, and built to the highest engineering standards for quality and longevity.

Every lift is supplied with extra-long handrails, which have been ergonomically designed with users in mind to aid passenger stability when entering and exiting the vehicle. Every platform includes a high-performance slip-resistant surface to provide safety and durability when in use.

GNX Lift

The PLS Front Entrance GNX is located at the front passenger side door is one of our largest, lightest and strongest lifts. GNX is installed in the step risers of the coach and works in combination with our hydraulic magic floor system which raises the driver’s platform to meet the saloon giving a seamless transfer from lift to coach. The GNX lift is available as a semi or fully automatic operation

MEGA Coach Lift

The MEGA lift is the perfect solution for existing and OEM coaches as it’s universal application is suitable for a large variety of coaches. With a maximum 1.7m ground-to-floor height, the MEGA lift can be installed in the bottom luggage locker or mid locker to utilise luggage space. With a world-class loading capacity of 400kg as standard, and a 500kg optional upgrade, the MEGA lift is one of the strongest and largest coach cassette lifts on the market. Easily retro fitted to existing or new coaches, MEGA lift is deployed through a ‘letterbox’ opening door and is seamlessly stored away within a galvanised cassette box when not in use.

Ski Locker EQM Lift

PLS Ski Locker EQM lift is a leader in its class and has been designed in conjunction with VDL’s engineering team in Holland for coaches with an available ski-locker (over front or rear axel).

EQM Ski Locker lift is the perfect solution to make your vehicle fully PSVAR compliant and boasts the most stable and largest usable platform of any lift available in the market thanks to its Quad-Ram patented technology. Four individual lifting cylinders provide complete elevating arm support and significantly reduce pressure and power requirements. The platform also includes a short manual extension taking the usable size to 1500 x 810mm.


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With the expiry of PSVAR coach exemptions looming, PLS can assist coach operators and convertors with a Passenger Lift Solution.

Offering a range of fully compliant PSVAR products with proven designs, we offer our customers engineering, technical and after-sales support from the initial contact through to installation.

Operators in category band D (30+ coaches), must ensure that a minimum 15% of their Rail Replacement (RR) and Home to School (H2S) coaches are fully compliant with PSVAR by the 1st August 2023

Further incremental steps will be applied on 1 August 2024 and 2025. All exemptions will expire on 31 July 2026 and from 1 August 2026, operators will be expected to comply FULLY with PSVAR legislation*.

*Subject to any changes which may be implemented as a result of the upcoming review of PSVAR by the UK Government.

Magic Floor

The Magic Floor solution is a hydraulically operated raising floor section, controlled automatically by the front entrance lift. When the lift is not in use the Magic Floor is down (in the stow position) and can be used as a standard floor. When boarding wheelchair passengers and the lift is deployed, the Magic Floor will power up, linking the end of the coach aisle to the edge of the top vehicle step. Once fully engaged and pressurised the front entrance lift starts to operate. The now engaged Magic Floor provides a solid landing edge for the lift bridging-plate to deploy against. The PLS Magic-Floor provides the most stable platform for wheelchair users and crucially enables a larger turning circle for access (within the designated wheelchair space).

Compliance Around the World

Additional options and features are available to ensure that our solutions meets the strictest compliance requirements for every country.

OEM Support

Our in-house design and engineering team are available to help.
From initial design and proof of concept, to the very first fitting our CAD team and engineering experts are on hand to find the perfect solution for your requirements.