Enhanced Safety

THINK Passenger Safety!

Passenger safety should be the number one priority for all operators. PLS access lifts are already designed, manufactured and tested to meet the highest level of safety and reliability, but you can increase safety even further with our range of additional features for extra peace of mind.


Safety is not just a core company value at PLS, we consider it to a priority in everything we design. We are always looking for innovative solutions to ensure accessible travel is safe for all. The DoorSafe barrier represents this goal by offering extra peace of mind to passengers and drivers when an accessible vehicle’s rear doors are open. The barrier arm can be automatically activated before a passenger lift is operated so that the rear vehicle aperture is suitably obstructed.

Finished in vivid yellow and red, the highly-visible barrier smoothly powers down and incorporates a simple manual override feature for extra safety.

Rubber-coated for enhanced durability and for easy gripping, DoorSafe can be retro-fitted or installed as part of a new vehicle build.


StopSafe™ is a high strength lift barrier that can be used at the end of a platform to provide maximum safety for wheelchair and semi-ambulant passengers whilst in operation.

When a vehicle access lift is deployed, the Stop-Safe™ barrier can be slotted into position quickly. By engaging the locking belts with the handrails, a protective cell is formed to provide extra safety and protect passengers.

Importantly, Stop-Safe™ can also accommodate powered wheelchairs helping to reduce risk when boarding and alighting passengers.

Designed and manufactured in-house at our Midlands facility, Stop-Safe™ is compatible with all of our access lifts made since 2015 and can be either retro-fitted or included in a new vehicle build.

LED Lighting

The PLS high-definition LED warning light helps to make an access lift highly visible and is also a handy indicator that the lift is powered and ready for use. It can be modified for different flashing options, including static or flashing mode to increase safety. 

Extendable Handrails

The double extending handrails are a great option to aid passenger stability when entering and exiting the vehicle. Manufactured to provide the highest level of safety, it enables the gap from the vehicle and the lift to be reduced giving increased support and security.

Wheelchair Winch

The PLS wheelchair winch mechanically assists with the loading and unloading of a wheelchair and occupant onto a vehicle. With a loading capacity of 500kg it ensures strain-free safe loading onto an accessible vehicle

Need a spare part?

Sometimes things need replacing. Dropped the handset or keeping your 10 year old lift as fresh as the day it was delivered? We have every part down to the last nut, bolt and washer available, head over to our online store or contact us today.