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Experience the future of coach accessibility with the innovative Motion Cassette Lift. Designed with a focus on simplicity, reliability, and unparalleled fuel efficiency, this lift redefines the standards in the industry. Remarkably, it boasts a substantial 20% weight reduction compared to previous models, unlocking new possibilities for coaches. The Motion Cassette Lift not only enhances passenger and luggage capacity but also demonstrates a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of your fleet.

Weight Reduction

At the heart of the Motion Cassette Lift’s innovation lies its remarkable weight reduction, cutting nearly 20% off other models. This substantial reduction brings with it a multitude of advantages, including:

– Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: With less weight to carry, coaches using the Motion Lift consume less fuel per mile, ensuring cost savings and a smaller environmental impact.

– Increased Passenger and Luggage Capacity: Shedding excess weight translates into the ability to accommodate more passengers and luggage, offering you unmatched versatility and revenue potential.

– Compliance Assurance: Some coaches might be teetering on the brink of overweight limitations, and the Motion Cassette Lift can be the key to ensuring compliance, reducing risks, and enhancing overall safety.

Innovative Movement

The Motion Cassette Lift stands out with its groundbreaking dual-axis movement. It ascends upwards and inwards simultaneously, extending its reach while maintaining compact cassette dimensions. This ingenious engineering optimises space utilisation while providing unparalleled accessibility for passengers.

Optimum Safety

Safety is paramount, and the Motion Lift takes it to the next level. Equipped with military-grade bearing slides, an electrical braking system, and enclosed hydraulics, it guarantees smooth, secure operation, even in the most challenging conditions. The lift’s auto-leveling, anti-roll back feature, and emergency manual backup ensure passengers’ well-being is never compromised.

Fully Inclusive Design

The Motion Cassette Lift™ is engineered for simplicity and convenience. With a fully inclusive design featuring an internal power pack, this lift eliminates the need for cumbersome external components and complicated installations. This means less complexity during the installation process and quicker turnaround times, allowing your coaches to get back on the road faster. Whether you’re retrofitting existing vehicles or integrating the Motion Lift into new builds, our design ensures a seamless and stress-free experience. Plus, the lift’s low-tech adjustments for final installation make it user-friendly for your maintenance teams, reducing downtime and ensuring that your fleet is always operational.

Reliability Redefined

In the world of passenger lifts, reliability is non-negotiable. The Motion Cassette Lift takes reliability to new heights by eliminating mechanical parts and exposed hydraulic lines. With an innovative electrical braking system and all internal hydraulics, the Motion Lift minimises wear and tear, significantly extending its operational lifespan. This advanced design not only reduces maintenance costs but also enhances passenger safety. The Motion Lift is engineered to perform consistently, even in the most demanding conditions, ensuring that your passengers can rely on it every time they board your coaches. It’s a lift you can trust, no matter where your journeys take you.

Setting New Standards

The Motion Cassette Lift represents a groundbreaking shift in passenger accessibility and coach optimization, setting new standards in weight reduction. This innovative lift redefines efficiency, safety, and the overall passenger experience, all while significantly reducing the weight of your coach. With its fully inclusive design, reliability redefined, and dampened bridging-plate deployment, the Motion Cassette Lift is the ultimate solution for achieving substantial weight reduction without compromising convenience, safety, or passenger comfort. Elevate your fleet with the Motion Lift and experience the remarkable difference for yourself.         

Technical Details

Basic measurements are just that, basic. At PLS our inhouse engineering department are able to provide greater technical details and make bespoke product adjustment to fit your needs. Longer platforms, different handrails, increased capacity, all possible.

Box length and width of 1925mm x 1050mm
Complete box height of just 150mm

Useable platform size of 1200mm long and 805mm wide

Total unit weight of 225Kg and a safe lifting capacity of up to 500Kg

Dampened Bridging-Plate Deployment

The Motion Cassette Lift is all about the details that matter. One such detail is its dampened bridging-plate deployment. We understand that a smooth transition is essential for passengers with reduced mobility, and the Motion Lift delivers precisely that. As the lift deploys, the bridging plate gently extends, ensuring a seamless and secure connection between the coach and the platform. Passengers can board and disembark with confidence, knowing that the Motion Lift provides a stable and comfortable experience. This attention to detail sets the Motion Lift apart, enhancing the overall passenger experience and demonstrating our commitment to accessibility and safety.

LED Lighting

Motion Lift sets a new standard in visibility with its ultra-bright LEDs, available in red, white, yellow, or blue. Strategic low-level LED strip lighting and positioning enables the lift to safely illuminate the entire boarding area and surrounding space without creating disruptive glare. This provides maximum visibility and safety for operations in low light conditions.

Military grade components

Motion Lift utilises precision CNC machined, self-lubricating acetal polymer blocks and guides to provide smooth, reliable operation along the lift’s running tracks. Our use of double roller bearings distributes weight evenly for enhanced strength, while deep-threaded riv-nuts ensure maximum stability and prevents any unwanted vibrations ensuring components remain securely fixed in place.

Simple service

We’ve engineered the Motion Lift with serviceability in mind. It has a convenient single front access design, with easily removable panels granting quick access to the majority of serviceable components. The lift frame can also be detached from the box through front access points, enabling comprehensive servicing without needing side/rear access. Where box access is necessary, conveniently located inspection panels provide easy servicing access. Trim rivets allow simple panel removal and reattachment during routine maintenance or repair.

Intelligence Module

The Motion Lift has a centralised intelligence module housing all electrical inputs, outputs, switches and relays for simplified service. The module provides rapid troubleshooting and replacement of components using standard automotive parts. This ensures minimal downtime to get the lift operating again.

Our Focus on Installation

PLS simplifies installation with our universal bracket design. By merging the hole patterns of common vehicle applications into a single set of brackets, we save time and mitigate installation risks. These brackets not only secure the lift in our factory before shipping but also reduce environmental impact by forming their own shipping stillage when stacked.

Many Options

The Motion Lift puts customisation at your fingertips. Tailor the lift to your specific needs and preferences with a wide range of options. Select handrails in a wide choice of colours or opt for our lighter, fuel-efficient ‘eco’ handrail. Customise LED colours and orientation for your desired style. Choose from multiple guarding levels like full panel guards, handrail guards, and pinch point guards to enhance safety. Boost durability with optional stainless steel landing pads at ground contact points. For eco-conscious customers, our brushless motor reduces power consumption by 60%. Additionally, you can upgrade to a powerful 500KG lifting capacity and robust dual in/out drive motors for heavy-duty performance. Whatever your requirements, make the Motion Lift your own with customised features and options designed to your specific requirements.